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Sanggar Klasik

The History

The company was founded in early 1982, started as classic furniture maker mainly out of solid Jati wood and Mahogany wood.
In 1990 we started customizing first grade solid wood Jati for the High-end market.
The company then grew from manufacturing classic solid Jati furniture to manufacturing modern minimalist furniture.
In 2010 Sanggar Klasik Furniture goes into supplying wall coverings, floor coverings and window coverings in South Sumatera concentrating in the city Palembang.

Sanggar Klasik Furniture focuses on delivering high quality interior services to answer the challenging task to each different client from commercial to residential.
We believe that innovative ideas, balance use of space, smart combination of materials and clever choice of color resulted in an excellent design solution.
Our portfolio and past achievement resulted in a distinctive service with lasting benefits.

The projects range from classic, modern, mixture of modern classic and touch of local culture.

Project Highlight